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The Radar Software Development Kit enhances the capabilities of automotive radar sensors

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Post Date: 2022-05-07, NXP

     Allows developers to enhance radar system performance by leveraging its advanced software algorithms with tight coupling to the latest S32R4x radar processor family to improve security and differentiation. Proprietary radar algorithms libraries can quickly integrate proven algorithms into radar sensor applications, helping to accelerate radar sensor development and reduce r&d investment. Powerful radar signal processing algorithms have been released by NXP Semiconductors in the new Premium Radar SDK (PRSDK). The initial release includes three algorithm packages, including interference mitigation, MIMO waveform optimization and angular resolution enhancement solutions.

     Regional legislation and regulations continue to require more features, including blind spot detection, front and back intersections, pedestrian detection, turning assistance, and the need for more radar nodes to provide a 360-degree safety cocoon per vehicle. In addition, the growing demand for a safer and more comfortable driving experience has accelerated the transition to L2+, providing comfort features that approach L3 autonomous driving. This, in turn, requires higher-performance radar sensors to extend coverage of corner situations and provide accurate environmental mapping and positioning. Radar use cases, such as automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, are increasingly becoming standard in today's cars.

      Gu Huanyu, director of product marketing and business development at NXP ADAS, said: "We expect the triple acceleration of vehicle radar to continue over the next decade, with more vehicles equipped with radar sensors, increasing number of sensor nodes per vehicle and more high-performance sensors to be deployed." "This broad trend poses several challenges for automotive Oems and tier 1 suppliers. Specifically, it addresses the need for interference suppression, MIMO waveform optimization, and improved sensor resolution. NXP's Premium Radar SDK's advanced algorithms are designed to address all of these challenges, enabling customers to optimize utilization of the S32R4x Radar processor hardware."

      PRSDK implementation complies with the international automotive quality management standards IATF 16949:2016 and ASPICE Level 3 requirements. Deliverables enable users to customize to meet individual adjustment and differentiation needs. The SDK is also a new software product derived from the company's long history of radar innovation. It plans to continue to evolve by regularly publishing lists of extended algorithms to meet emerging radar requirements and their future radar roadmaps.

       Under the evaluation license agreement, the company offers two evaluation options for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. The MATLAB-based version provides algorithms in the form of compiled code, enabling developers to understand the capabilities of PRSDK by providing customers with test vectors, calculations, and visual output vectors. To provide bit accuracy, the SCM based evaluation options include algorithm binaries running on the NXP target radar processor evaluation board and demonstrate the real-time performance of the PRSDK.

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