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Vishay - Energy storage capacitors available in seven smaller case sizes

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Post Date: 2020-09-06, Vishay BC Components

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. provides its ENYCAP double-layer electric energy storage capacitors for energy harvesting and backup power applications. These devices are now available in 7 smaller enclosures, ranging in size from 10mm x 20mm to 12.5mm x 40mm, and capacitance values from 5F to 22F.

Standard 220 EDLC, rugged 225 EDLC-R, high voltage 230 EDLC-HV and rugged 235 EDLC-HVR series ENYCAP capacitors have a compact size that can increase power density and save space for various renewable energy, industrial and automotive applications . These include smart meters, handheld electronic devices, energy harvesting devices, robotics, electronic door lock systems, emergency lighting, etc.

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