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Vishay introduces the industry's advanced linear optocoupler certified by AEC-Q102

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Post Date: 2022-11-24, Vishay Dale

Vishay Intertechnology launched the industry's advanced linear optocoupler, VOA300, certified by AEC-Q102. Vishay Semiconductors VOA300 has an insulation voltage of 5300 Vrms, and its response speed is five times that of the competing devices. At the same time, the typical transmission gain stability is improved to 0.005%/C. Single ended output provides flexibility for design.


The automotive devices include AIGaAs infrared LED (IRLED) (feedback isolated LED) and output PIN photodiode, which are arranged in a bifurcated manner. The VOA300 feeds back the percentage LED luminous flux captured by the photodiode, which can generate a control signal to adjust the driving current of the LED, and the output PIN photodiode generates an output signal linearly related to the LED servo luminous flux. The stability of input and output coupling time and temperature can be ensured by using a PIN photodiode that has been matched to accurately track the LED output luminous flux.

 Test Circuit


 Switching Times 


The VOA300 single ended output can be directly connected to an amplifier or an analog-to-digital converter. Optocoupler is specially used for electric vehicle (EV) electrical isolation current and voltage measurement, including on-board charger (OBC), traction inverter and DC/DC converter. The device provides 1.4 MHz reliable and fast data transmission for these applications, and its fast response can quickly detect the voltage and current fluctuations of the battery circuit breaker (electronic fuse) to protect the safety of personnel and vehicles.

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The typical input and output capacitance of linear optocoupler is only 1pF, the high gain linearity is 0.25%, and the power consumption is less than 15mW. In addition, the operating temperature of the device is up to+125 ° C, which is suitable for harsh industrial environments. The optocoupler complies with RoHS and Vishay green standards and is halogen-free.

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