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ams Osram launches new high-power UV-C LED OSLON UV 6060

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Post Date: 2022-09-21, ams

      Ams Osram announced the launch of its new high-power UV-C LED product OSLON UV 6060, offering the highest germicidal effect at 265nm emission wavelength, a single-chip source with a powerful 100mW light output and market-leading electro-optical conversion efficiency.

        OSLON UV 6060 from ams meets the needs of industrial applications, providing a sustainable UV-C treatment solution for sanitizing and decontaminating the environment. "This is a new addition to our UV-C family. With OSLON® UV 6060, we are accelerating the industrial application of UV-C LEDs in the growing field of air, surface and water purification and disinfection." Nina Senior Product Manager at Osram at ams Reiser said, “The new OSLON® UV-C LED is ideal for applications requiring maximum germicidal effect at high power levels, while providing excellent electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency. It offers many advantages over traditional light source technologies such as adaptability, Compactness and instant-on functionality. UV-C LEDs are rapidly evolving and enabling on-demand decontamination in everyday applications.”

       The wavelength range of 200-280 nanometers, so-called UV-C radiation from the sun, is blocked out of the Earth's atmosphere, which is why bacteria and viruses have evolved with little or no defense mechanisms against UV-C. If bacteria are irradiated with artificially generated UV-C radiation, it attacks the cellular structure of microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria while altering their DNA, thereby disrupting their ability to replicate.

       UV-C has been used for purification for many years. Compared to the bulky, wavelength-limited mercury vapor lamps used in the past, UV-C LEDs based on advanced AIGaN (aluminum gallium nitride) technology have a flexible design compared to conventional light sources. The compact size of this product is only 6mm x 6mm, which is especially convenient for applications with limited space, allowing LEDs to be installed directly at the point of action that needs to be sterilized, such as washing machines or air conditioners. The high-power version of the OSLON® UV series achieves an average of 100 mW of optical power at 250 mA.

      Ams Osram has been working in the field of UV-C technology for many years. The launch of OSLON UV 6060 high-power UV-C LED complements the previous OSLON® UV LED product line consisting of low-to-medium-power products, helping customers gain greater competitiveness. At the same time, the compact package design further improves the performance of the OSLON family.

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