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Part Number IRF7807
Manufacturer Infineon Technologies
Description MOSFET N-CH 30V 8.3A 8-SOIC
Datasheet IRF7807 Datasheet
Package 8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
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Part Number # IRF7807 (Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - Single) is manufactured by Infineon Technologies and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

For IRF7807 specifications/configurations, quotation, lead time, payment terms of further enquiries please have no hesitation to contact us. To process your RFQ, please add IRF7807 with quantity into BOM. does NOT require any registration to request a quote of IRF7807.

IRF7807 Specifications

ManufacturerInfineon Technologies
CategoryDiscrete Semiconductor Products - Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - Single
Datasheet IRF7807Datasheet
Package8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
FET TypeN-Channel
TechnologyMOSFET (Metal Oxide)
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss)30V
Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C8.3A (Ta)
Drive Voltage (Max Rds On, Min Rds On)4.5V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id1V @ 250µA
Gate Charge (Qg) (Max) @ Vgs17nC @ 5V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) (Max) @ Vds-
Vgs (Max)��12V
FET Feature-
Power Dissipation (Max)2.5W (Ta)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs25 mOhm @ 7A, 4.5V
Operating Temperature-55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Supplier Device Package8-SO
Package / Case8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)

IRF7807 Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

Parameter Symbol IRF7807 IRF7807A Units Drain-Source Voltage V DS 30 V Gate-Source Voltage V GS ±12 Continuous Drain or Source 25°C I D 8.3 8.3 A Current (V GS ≥ 4.5V) 70°C 6.6 6.6 Pulsed Drain Current I DM 66 66 Power Dissipation 25°C P D 2.5 W 70°C 1.6 Junction & Storage Temperature Range T J , T STG –55 to 150 °C Continuous Source Current (Body Diode) I S 2.5 2.5 A Pulsed source Current I SM 66 66 • N Channel Application Specific MOSFETs • Ideal for Mobile DC-DC Converters • Low Conduction Losses • Low Switching Losses Description These new devices employ advanced HEXFET Power MOSFET technology to achieve an unprecedented balance of on-resistance and gate charge. The reduced conduction and switching losses make them ideal for high efficiency DC-DC Converters that power the latest generation of mobile microprocessors. A pair of IRF7807 devices provides the best cost/ performance solution for system voltages, such as 3.3V and 5V. HEXFET® Chip-Set for DC-DC Converters Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Max. Units Maximum Junction-to-Ambientƒ RθJA 50 °C/W Thermal Resistance T op V iew 81 2 3 4 5 6 7 D D D DG S A S S IRF7807/IRF7807A 1 10/10/00 SO-8 IRF7807 IRF7807A Vds 30V 30V Rds(on) 25mΩ 25mΩ Qg 17nC 17nC Qsw 5.2nC Qoss 16.8nC 16.8nC Device Features PD – 91747C

Page 3

www.irf.com2 IRF7807/IRF7807A Parameter Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Units Conditions Diode Forward V SD 1.2 1.2 V I S = 7A‚, V GS = 0V Voltage* Reverse Recovery Q rr 80 80 nC di/dt = 700A/µs Charge„ V DS = 16V, V GS = 0V, I S = 7A Reverse Recovery Q rr(s) 50 50 Charge (with Parallel Schotkky)„ Parameter Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Units Conditions Drain-to-Source V (BR)DSS 30 – – 30 – – V V GS = 0V, I D = 250µA Breakdown Voltage* Static Drain-Source R DS (on) 17 25 17 25 mΩ V GS = 4.5V, I D = 7A‚ on Resistance* Gate Threshold Voltage* V GS (th) 1.0 1.0 V V DS = V GS , I D = 250µA Drain-Source Leakage I DSS 30 30 µA V DS = 24V, V GS = 0 150 150 V DS = 24V, V GS = 0, Tj = 100°C Gate-Source Leakage I GSS ±100 ±100 nA V GS = ±12V Current* Total Gate Charge* Q g 12 17 12 17 V GS = 5V, I D = 7A Pre-Vth Q gs1 2.1 2.1 V DS = 16V, I D = 7A Gate-Source Charge Post-Vth Q gs2 0.76 0.76 nC Gate-Source Charge Gate to Drain Charge Q gd 2.9 2.9 Switch Charge* Q SW 3.66 5.2 3.66 (Q gs2 + Q gd ) Output Charge* Q oss 14 16.8 14 16.8 V DS = 16V, V GS = 0 Gate Resistance R g 1.2 1.2 Ω Turn-on Delay Time t d (on) 12 12 V DD = 16V Rise Time t r 17 17 ns I D = 7A Turn-off Delay Time t d (off) 25 25 R g = 2Ω Fall Time t f 6 6 V GS = 4.5V Resistive Load Electrical Characteristics Source-Drain Rating & Characteristics Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width limited by max. junction temperature. ‚ Pulse width ≤ 300 µs; duty cycle ≤ 2%. ƒ When mounted on 1 inch square copper board, t < 10 sec. „ Typ = measured - Q oss * Devices are 100% tested to these parameters. IRF7807 IRF7807A Current* di/dt = 700A/µs (with 10BQ040) V DS = 16V, V GS = 0V, I S = 7A

Page 4 3 IRF7807/IRF7807A Control FET Special attention has been given to the power losses in the switching elements of the circuit - Q1 and Q2. Power losses in the high side switch Q1, also called the Control FET, are impacted by the R ds(on) of the MOSFET, but these conduction losses are only about one half of the total losses. Power losses in the control switch Q1 are given by; P loss = P conduction + P switching + P drive + P output This can be expanded and approximated by; P loss = Irms 2 × Rds(on)( ) + I × Q gd i g × Vin × f       + I × Q gs2 i g × Vin × f       + Qg × Vg × f( ) + Qoss 2 ×Vin × f     This simplified loss equation includes the terms Q gs2 and Q oss which are new to Power MOSFET data sheets. Q gs2 is a sub element of traditional gate-source charge that is included in all MOSFET data sheets. The impor- tance of splitting this gate-source charge into two sub elements, Q gs1 and Q gs2 , can be seen from Fig 1. Q gs2 indicates the charge that must be supplied by the gate driver between the time that the threshold volt- age has been reached (t1) and the time the drain cur- rent rises to I dmax (t2) at which time the drain voltage begins to change. Minimizing Q gs2 is a critical factor in reducing switching losses in Q1. Q oss is the charge that must be supplied to the output capacitance of the MOSFET during every switching cycle. Figure 2 shows how Q oss is formed by the paral- lel combination of the voltage dependant (non-linear) capacitance’s C ds and C dg when multiplied by the power supply input buss voltage. Figure 1: Typical MOSFET switching waveform Synchronous FET The power loss equation for Q2 is approximated by; P loss = Pconduction + Pdrive + Poutput * P loss = Irms 2 × Rds(on)( ) + Qg × Vg × f( ) + Qoss 2 ×Vin × f      + Qrr × Vin × f( ) *dissipated primarily in Q1. Power MOSFET Selection for DC/DC Converters 4 1 2 Drain Current Gate Voltage Drain Voltage t3t2 t1 VGTH Q G S 1 Q G S 2 Q G D t0

Page 5

www.irf.com4 IRF7807/IRF7807A 5V Supply : Q1=Q2=IRF7807 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Load Current (A) E ff ic ie n c y ( % ) Vin = 10V Vin = 14V Vin=24V Typical Mobile PC Application The performance of these new devices has been tested in circuit and correlates well with performance predic- tions generated by the system models. An advantage of this new technology platform is that the MOSFETs it produces are suitable for both control FET and syn- chronous FET applications. This has been demon- strated with the 3.3V and 5V converters. (Fig 3 and Fig 4). In these applications the same MOSFET IRF7807 was used for both the control FET (Q1) and the syn- chronous FET (Q2). This provides a highly effective cost/performance solution. 3.3V Supply : Q1=Q2=IRF7807 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Load Current (A) E ff ic ie n c y ( % ) Vin = 10V Vin = 14V Vin = 24V Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 2: Q oss Characteristic For the synchronous MOSFET Q2, R ds(on) is an im- portant characteristic; however, once again the impor- tance of gate charge must not be overlooked since it impacts three critical areas. Under light load the MOSFET must still be turned on and off by the con- trol IC so the gate drive losses become much more significant. Secondly, the output charge Q oss and re- verse recovery charge Q rr both generate losses that are transfered to Q1 and increase the dissipation in that device. Thirdly, gate charge will impact the MOSFETs’ susceptibility to Cdv/dt turn on. The drain of Q2 is connected to the switching node of the converter and therefore sees transitions be- tween ground and V in . As Q1 turns on and off there is a rate of change of drain voltage dV/dt which is ca- pacitively coupled to the gate of Q2 and can induce a voltage spike on the gate that is sufficient to turn the MOSFET on, resulting in shoot-through current . The ratio of Q gd /Q gs1 must be minimized to reduce the potential for Cdv/dt turn on. Spice model for IRF7807 can be downloaded in ma- chine readable format at

Page 6 5 IRF7807/IRF7807A Figure 9. Typical Rds(on) vs. Gate-to-Source Voltage Figure 7. Typical Gate Charge vs. Gate-to-Source Voltage Figure 5. Normalized On-Resistance vs. Temperature Figure 10. Typical Rds(on) vs. Gate-to-Source Voltage Figure 8. Typical Gate Charge vs. Gate-to-Source Voltage Figure 6. Normalized On-Resistance vs. Temperature IRF7807 IRF7807A Typical Characteristics

Page 7

www.irf.com6 IRF7807/IRF7807A 0.1 1 10 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 V ,Source-to-Drain Voltage (V) I , R e v e rs e D ra in C u rr e n t (A ) SD S D V = 0 V GS T = 25 CJ ° T = 150 CJ ° IRF7807 IRF7807A 0.1 1 10 100 0.001 0.01 0.1 1 10 100 1000 Notes: 1. Duty factor D = t / t 2. Peak T = P x Z + T 1 2 J DM thJA A P t t DM 1 2 t , Rectangular Pulse Duration (sec) T h e rm a l R e s p o n s e (Z ) 1 th J A 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.10 0.20 D = 0.50 SINGLE PULSE (THERMAL RESPONSE) Figure 11. Typical Source-Drain Diode Forward Voltage Figure 12. Typical Source-Drain Diode Forward Voltage Figure 13. Maximum Effective Transient Thermal Impedance, Junction-to-Ambient 0.1 1 10 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 V ,Source-to-Drain Voltage (V) I , R e v e rs e D ra in C u rr e n t (A ) SD S D V = 0 V GS T = 25 CJ ° T = 150 CJ °

Page 8 7 IRF7807/IRF7807A Package Outline SO-8 Outline Part Marking Information SO-8

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Giul***** Floyd

August 22, 2020

This was a perfect replacement for the original mode. 5 minutes and it was up and running like new.


August 18, 2020

Great Seller, Great Item, the quality is great, Highly Recommended.


August 11, 2020

Can't speak to the long term reliability as of yet, but they seem to be of decent quality and I don't expect any issues.


August 2, 2020

Easy to browse and order. You have everything I want. I compared the prices and services with others and found you're the best choice.


July 19, 2020

Best organized online supplier, excellent service personnel.


July 16, 2020

Work Great. Would recommend. Only used 2. So I have 248 extras. Best deal by far that's why I got these.


July 13, 2020

2nd time buying these - quite good. Very fast shipping


July 5, 2020

Serves its purpose. All that's needed.


July 4, 2020

Excellent shopping cart process, various of products for selection and order fulfillment a good service quality. I rely on them heavily.


July 4, 2020

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