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2022-10-07, Introduce a new low -power level joint increase in benefit block

CML Microcircuits now offers the CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 Positive Gain Slope Amplifiers. Developed using its innovative SµRF RFIC/MMIC design capability, these general-purpose gain blocks are ideal for a wide range of wireless applications operating in the 1.4-7.1GHz frequency range, including 4G/5G infrastructure applications and devices operating in licence-free bands.

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2022-10-07, OGN series open fuses are currently available for pores backwing welding models

Schurter's compact and high -performance fuses enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Its OGN series open fuse seats used in the 5x20mm fuse are no exception. On the basis of the existing THT and SMT models, this series of products currently launch a model that can be compatible with the welding process that can return to the Tongkou (THR).

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2022-10-07, AMC NP fast disconnection connector

ODU AMC NP is a rugged, metal connector that enhances a soldier’s ability to communicate on the battlefield and is tested to MIL-STD-810H and applicable technical requirements.

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2022-10-07, RACM13E-K series AC/DC power module

RECOM Power's RACM130E-K series AC/DC Power supplies provide up to 130W of output to drive dynamic loads and are certified to safety standards for the medical, ITE, industrial and home markets.

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2022-10-07, Analog devices inc. ADIN1100 10Base-T1L Ethernet PHY

Analog Devices Inc. ADIN110010 BASE-T1L Ethernet PHY is a powerful industrial low-power 10BASE-T1L Ethernet PHY designed for industrial applications compliant with the IEEE 802.3CG Ethernet standard for long-distance 10Mb/s single-pair Ethernet

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2022-10-07, Texas Instruments TPSM8282X 1A/2A/3A Anti -pressure converter power module

Texas Instruments TPSM8282x 1A/2A/3A Step-down Converter Power modules are converters in MicroSiP™ power modules optimized for small solution size and high efficiency. The TI power module is integrated with synchronous buck converter and inductor, which simplifies the design, reduces the number of external components and saves PCB space

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2022-10-06, Resonant transformers/inductors save space in LLC applications and simplify the PCB layout

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc has released a new resonant transformer for inductor-inductor-capacitor (LLC) applications that provide the transformer and an integrated inductor in a single package. Created to save PCB space whilst simplifying layouts and lowering component mounting needs, the 5.5kW Vishay Custom Magnetics MRTI5R5EZ supplies fully tunable magnetising and leakage inductance with a minimal parasitic variation.

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2022-10-06, Compact single -phase power supply provides higher efficiency and performance

Weidmuller PROeco Single-Phase Power Supplies, available now from Mouser, provide high efficiency, high performance, and flexibility in a compact, cost-effective design. These 72W to 960W SMPS units offer an output power range from 12V to 48V.

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2022-10-06, The ClockMatrix system synchronizer provides Class D compliance for O-RAN S-Plane

Renesas Electronics Corporation's 8A34001 System Synchronizer for IEEE 1588 is employed within the AMD Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC DFE ZCU670 Evaluation Kit and reference design for 5G NR.

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2022-10-06, The new offline AC/DC first -side PWM controller used for anti -gratitude transformers

Elevation Semiconductor has released two high-efficiency power ICs with smaller footprints for fast-charging solutions.The HL9510 and HL9512 are flyback PWM controller ICs that function in a QR mode to greatly enhance the system efficiency and power density.

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2022-10-06, The low-power redriver supports the MIPI D-PHY protocol

Diodes Incorporated offers its latest addition to its wide portfolio of ReDrivers with the release of a 1.8V low-power, four data lanes 2.5Gbps ReDriver. The DIODES PI2MEQX2505 is the first ReDriver in the industry to support the MIPI D-PHY 1.2 protocol and is aimed at mobile and IoT applications.

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2022-10-06, ALLEGRO launches DC/DC regulator with ultra -low static current and low electromagnetic interference

The ARG81800 is Allegro's stable, ultra-low static current (Iq) and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) DC/DC regulator, ideal for on-going power applications. The device sets a new industry standard and adds many new features that help engineers easily meet stringent OEM requirements.

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2022-10-05, PC designed for cutting -edge AI applications

Display Technology has updated its portfolio to include the compact BOXER-8221AI from AAEON. The device provides cutting edge computing technology powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

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2022-10-05, Introduction of IDE for ECU class cars hardware - free software development for ECU class cars

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new IDE that swiftly enables engineers to create software for automotive ECUs containing multiple hardware devices. The fully integrated environment supports co-simulation, debug and trace, high-speed simulation, and distributed processing software over multiple SoCs and MCUs – all without the requirement for actual hardware.

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2022-10-05, The exchange module design for energy collection solutions

The new batteryfree and wireless switch module from ZF features its patented technology using the EnOcean RF standard, specifically developed for Energy Harvesting solutions.

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2022-10-05, New standards and LED lighting actuators of multiple colors and shapes

New Yorker Electronics has announced it is distributing the full line of Adam-Tech Rocker Switches in medium, miniature and, also, subminiature sizes in round or rectangular types. These rocker switch types provide varied termination options, circuits, functions and actuators.

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2022-10-05, When the USB Type-C socket provides a low posture, placed in the component

The GCT USB4800 elevated SMT 16-shot USB Type-C socket is rising above the 3.5mm above PCB, thereby flexibly using a component with 1.6mm or lower section below the connector.

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2022-10-05, RECOM Power's silicon-free package modules are built to suit printed circuit boards

RAC25-K/480 series AC/DC module of RAC25-K/480 has 100 VAC to 480 VAC's ultra-width input range. They are designed for the harsh industrial conditions of the over -voltage OVC III and pollution level of the relative phase power connection of the single -phase and II class.