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2021-03-01, Analog Devices - Alias-free ADC that enables increased functionality and ease of use

Analog Devices has introduced the AD7134 alias-free ADC that greatly simplifies front-end design and hastens time to market for precision DC-350kHz applications.

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2021-03-01, TDK - Power supply suitable for use in a vast number of applications

TDK Corporation has added a 48V, 83.3A 4kW output power supply to TDK-Lambda’s TPS series. The TPS4000-48 works from an industrial three-phase input.

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2021-03-01, Infineon Technologies - Three phase gate driver offers superior robustness

Infineon Technologies widens its level-shift EiceDRIVER portfolio with a 1200V three-phase gate driver. It is founded on the company’s unique silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology.

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2021-03-01, Microchip Technology - FPGA available in engineering silicon and headed for space qualification

Microchip Technology is shipping engineering silicon for its RT PolarFire FPGA while the device is being qualified to spaceflight component reliability standards.

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2021-03-01, Toshiba - LDO regulator series delivers enhanced power rail stabilisation

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched the TCR3RM series of low noise ultra-compact LDO voltage regulators.

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2021-03-01, Murata - Metal terminal type MLCCs offer high voltage tolerance

Murata Electronics offers two new metal terminal type MLCC series with temperature compensating U2J characteristics. The KCM line for automotive applications produces low loss and outstanding stability performance in high voltages, high temperature, and high frequencies.

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2020-12-09, Renesas - DDR5 data buffer for high-performance server and cloud service applications

Renesas Electronics offers a new high-speed, low-power DDR5 data buffer for data centre, server, and high-performance workstation applications.

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2020-12-09, Silicon Labs - Bluetooth portfolio delivers excellent performance and flexibility for IoT devices

Silicon Labs has expanded its portfolio of industry-leading RF performance Bluetooth Low Energy solutions for IoT developers.

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2020-12-09, Analog Devices - Transceivers provide strong immunity against EMC events

Analog Devices ADM2461E/2463E Transceivers provide 500kbps and 5.7kVRMS signal isolated RS-485 transceiver and pass radiated emissions testing to the EN55032 Class B standard with margin on two-layer PCB.

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2020-12-09, TDK - Two new series of rugged three-phase AC-filter capacitors

TDK Corporation offers two new series of EPCOS power capacitors for AC filtering in three-phase delta connection applications.

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2020-09-06, Vishay - Energy storage capacitors available in seven smaller case sizes

Vishay Intertechnology offers its ENYCAP electrical double-layer energy storage capacitors for energy harvesting and power backup applications.

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2020-09-05, Renesas Electronics - LIN interface sensor signal conditioner delivers high accuracy and efficiency

Renesas Electronics Corporation (Renesas Electronics Corporation) introduced the automotive pressure sensor solution ZSSC4132, which provides a certified integrated LIN v2.2a interface.

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2020-09-04, ROHM Semiconductor - Blue-green chip LEDs ideal for CUD applications

ROHM has announced the 1608-size high accuracy blue-green chip LEDs, SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W.

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2020-09-03, Analog Devices - RS-485 transceiver includes an integrated DC-DC converter

Analog Devices ADM2561E RS-485 Transceiver is a 3kVRMS signal and power isolated device, including an integrated DC-DC converter optimised for low EMI.

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2020-09-02, Toshiba - Two-phase stepping motor driver IC addresses automotive sector needs

Toshiba Electronics introduces the TB9120AFTG. This constant-current two-phase bipolar stepping motor driver, intended for automotive use, can significantly streamline motor system implementations.

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2020-09-01, Diodes Incorporated - Power supply controller for battery charger and adapter applications

The high-performance Diodes Incorporated AP3781 AC/DC Power Supply Controller is excellent for battery charger and adapter applications, regulating the output voltage and current in the primary side.

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2020-08-25, Toshiba - MOSFET gate driver switch for intelligent power devices

Toshiba Electronics Europe now offers two new gate driver switch intelligent power devices. Fully AEC-Q100 compliant, the TPD7106F and TPD7107F can be employed to control the conduction and shut-off of currents provided to automotive ECUs, incorporating junction boxes and body control modules.

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2020-08-24, Analog Devices - Dual step-down converter series delivers low EMI operation

Analog Devices has launched the LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S dual-channel 4A/8.5A/2A synchronous step-down Silent Switcher converters aimed at automotive, communications and solid-state drive power supplies.