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Latest Technologies

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Technology Cover

2020-02-20, Analog Devices - Battery management PMIC combines several monitoring functions

Analog Devices ADP5360 Battery Management PMIC combines several functions that can monitor the output voltage for advanced battery management. The device has one high-performance linear charger for a single Li-Ion/Li-Poly battery with a programmable, ultra-low quiescent current fuel gauge.

Technology Cover

2020-02-20, STMicroelectronics - New surge suppression portfolio offers a lower cost of design

A large portfolio of TVS Flat devices, manufactured by STMicroelectronics. Designed to handle 8/20µs and 10/1000µs voltage transients and protect circuits and equipment from power surges, the company’s portfolio of Electrical Over-Stress TVS Flat devices incorporates industrial and automotive-grade devices.

Technology Cover

2020-02-20, AVX - ESD protection for high-speed circuits

Employing the latest in TVS Technology coupled with a unique leadless package, the GiGuard series of ESD Suppression Diodes provides clamping voltages below 12V and cap values as low as 0.3pfd.

Technology Cover

2020-02-20, Murata - Extremely small capacitor for mobile applications

Murata has released a new multilayer ceramic capacitor that is claimed to be the smallest available anywhere around the globe.

Technology Cover

2020-02-10, Analog Devices - Controller designed to drive external N-Channel MOSFETs

Analog Devices LTC4421 Prioritized PowerPath Controller is intended to drive external N-Channel MOSFETs to connect one of two input supplies to a common output, based on user-defined priority and validity.

Technology Cover

2020-02-10, ON - Automotive LED drivers and controllers for advanced vehicle lighting applications

ON Semiconductor offers a new family of four devices that promote the high levels of performance and innovative functionality that vehicle manufacturers and consumers now demand from automotive exterior and interior lighting.

Technology Cover

2020-02-10, TDK - Compact aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer high ripple current capability

TDK Corporation has released the new B43707* and B43727* series of EPCOS aluminium electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals. They are created for rated voltages of between 400VDC and 450VDC and comprise a capacitance range from 1800µF to 18000µF.

Technology Cover

2020-02-10, Diodes Incorporated - High-voltage step-down switcher offers exceptional dynamic performance

Diodes Incorporated AL17150-10B High-Voltage Step-Down Switcher is a universal high voltage input step-down regulator that gives an accurate CV.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, Maxim - Port protector provides one-chip USB-PD protection solution

Maxim MAX25410 USB PD Port Protector, available now from Mouser, is an automotive USB-PD-based Type-C protection solution for automotive radio, navigation, connectivity, and USB hub/multimedia module applications.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, New efficient PMIC provides exceptional computing and audio performance

ROHM now offers a highly integrated and efficient PMIC, BD71850MWV, optimised for NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 8M Nano family of application processors, which provides exceptional computing, and audio performance.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, Diodes Incorporated - Second generation USB PD controller provides platform for quick charger solutions

Diodes Incorporated now offers the AP43771 USB Type-C PD controller, providing an embedded microcontroller with one-time programmable memory.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, Nexperia - Low RDS(on) MOSFET performance sets a new standard

Nexperia has released its lowest-ever RDS(on) power MOSFET. The PSMNR51-25YLH sets a new standard of 0.57mOhm at 25V. Employing the company's NextPowerS3 technology, this excellent performance is provided without compromising other important parameters such as maximum drain current (ID(max)), SOA or gate charge QG.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, Murata - Small LoRa-based module offers reduced current consumption

Murata now offers a new LoRa-based module that, at just 10mm x 8mm x 1.6mm, is claimed to be the smallest available in the world. Ideal for a broad range of high-volume applications where small size, extended battery life, long-range, security and a competitive price point are necessities.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, Analog Devices - Quad-channel software configurable I/O for building and process control

The Analog Devices AD74413R Quad-Channel Software Configurable Input/Output is a solution for building and process control applications.

Technology Cover

2020-02-05, KEMET - Metallised polypropylene film capacitors offer a high-power density solution

KEMET Corporation has launched the R41T, and R76H series AEC-Q200 qualified metallised polypropylene film capacitors. This series grows on the company’s expertise in power management solutions by using advances in manufacturing technology and new materials to meet the stringent demands of the latest automotive applications, including those for EV powertrains and ADAS.

Technology Cover

2019-12-23, Analog Devices - New RF front end released for mMIMO designs

The Analog Devices ADRF5545A RF front end module from is a dual-channel integrated RF receiver front-end module designed for time-division duplexing and massive multiple-input and multiple-output (mMIMO) applications that operate in the 2.4GHz-4.2GHz frequency range.

Technology Cover

2019-12-09, ROHM - New ultra-low IR Schottky barrier diodes optimised for automotive applications

ROHM now offers the 200V ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes optimised for automotive applications incorporating powertrains and xEVs.

Technology Cover

2019-12-09, Souriau - New backshell product for aerospace and other harsh environment applications

A Single-Arm Composite Backshell developed by Souriau-Sunbank is specifically designed to offer robust and unique performance in terms of reliability and functionality for aerospace defence and other harsh environment applications.