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2023-02-03, Ultra-low power, 1.8V, 3mm x 3mm, 2-channel capacitor converter

The AD7156 delivers a complete signal processing solution for capacitive sensors, featuring an ultralow power converter with fast response time.

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2023-02-03, Linear Technology offers a 10Msps, 12-bit sampling a /D converter

The LTC1420 is a 10Msps, 12-bit sampling A/D converter that draws only 250mW from either single 5V or dual ±5V supplies. This easy-to-use device includes a high dynamic range sample-and-hold, a precision reference and a PGA input circuit

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2023-02-03, Multi-range, 16-bit / 12-bit, bipolar/monopole voltage output dac with reference value of 2ppm /°C

The AD5761R/AD5721R are single channel, 16-/12-bit serial input, voltage output, digital-to-analog converters (DACs). They operate from single supply voltages from +4.75 V to +30 V or dual supply voltages from −16.5 V to 0 V VSS and +4.75 V to +16.5 V VDD. The integrated output amplifier, reference buffer, and reference provide a very easy to use, universal solution.

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2023-02-03, Low cost, high speed rail to rail amplifier

The AD8091 (single) and AD8092 (dual) are low cost, voltage feedback, high speed amplifiers designed to operate on +3 V, +5 V, or ±5 V supplies. The AD8091/AD8092 have true singlesupply capability, with an input voltage range extending 200 mV below the negative rail and within 1 V of the positive rail

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2023-02-03, Vishay has introduced two new 7th-generation 1200 VHyperfast recovery rectifiers in SMA (DO-214AC) packaging

Vishay Intertechnolog has introduced two new seventh generation 1200V FRED Pt Hyperfast recovery rectiators -VS E7MH0112-M3 and VS-E7MH0112Hm3. These two 1 A rectifiers are packaged in SMA (DO-214AC) package, with reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and forward voltage drop reaching the advanced level of similar devices

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2023-02-03, Wide input voltage range, 150mA ULDO regulator

The AP2204 series is a positive voltage regulator IC fabricated by high voltage EPNP process. The AP2204 has features of wide input voltage range, high accuracy, high ripple rejection, low dropout voltage, low noise, current limit and ultra-low quiescent current which make it ideal for use in various USB and portable devices.

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2023-02-02, Dual 8A low VIN DC/DC μmodule regulators per channel

The LTM4616 is a complete dual 2-phase 8A per channel switch mode DC/DC power regulator system in a 15mm × 15mm surface mount LGA or BGA package. Included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor and all support components. Operating from an input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, the LTM4616 supports two outputs within a voltage range of 0.6V to 5V, each set by a single external resistor

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2023-02-02, Broadcom Limited silicon bipolar RFIC amplifier

The MSA-2011 and MSA-2086 are high performance silicon bipolar RFIC amplifiers designed to be cascadable in 50 Ω systems. The stability factor of K > 1 contributes to easy cascading in numerous narrow and broadband IF and RF commercial and industrial applications.

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2023-02-02, 4 channel/single channel, 9 μs, 10 bit adc with on-chip temperature sensor

The AD7817/AD7818 are 10-bit, single- and 4-channel analog-todigital converters (ADCs) with an on-chip temperature sensor that can operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply. Each device contains a 9 μs successive approximation converter based around a capacitor digital-to-analog converter (DAC), an onchip temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±2°C, an on-chip clock oscillator, inherent track-and-hold functionality, and an on-chip reference (2.5 V).

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2023-02-02, High frequency divider/PLL synthesizer

The ADF4007 is a high frequency divider/PLL synthesizer that can be used in a variety of communications applications. It can operate to 7.5 GHz on the RF side and to 120 MHz at the PFD. It consists of a low noise digital PFD (phase frequency detector), a precision charge pump, and a divider/prescaler. The divider/ prescaler value can be set by two external control pins to one of four values (8, 16, 32, or 64).

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2023-02-02, Diodes Incorporated step-down current mode, DC-DC converter

The PAM2305 is a step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. At heavy load, the constant frequency PWM control performs excellent stability and transient response. To ensure the longest battery life in portable applications, the PAM2305 provides a power-saving PulseSkipping Modulation (PSM) mode to reduce quiescent current under light load operation to save power.

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2023-02-02, Single chip dual tracking 3A step-down switch regulator

The LT3992 is a dual current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter with two internal 4.6A switches. Independent input voltage, shutdown, feedback, soft-start, UVLO current limit and comparator pins for each channel simplify complex power supply tracking and sequencing requirements.

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2023-02-01, Analog Devices dual-wide range power monitor

The LTC2992 is a rail-to-rail system monitor that measures current, voltage, and power of two supplies. It features an operating range of 2.7V to 100V and includes a shunt regulator for supplies above 100V.

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2023-02-01, Texas Instruments 3-axis - +/-2g ultracompact linear accelerometer

The LIS3L02AL is a low-power 3-axis linear capacitive accelerometer that includes a sensing element and an IC interface able to take the information from the sensing element and to provide an analog signal to the external world

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2023-02-01, Multi-core fixed and floating-point digital signal processors

The TMS320C6678 DSP is a highest-performance fixed/floating-point DSP that is based on TI's KeyStone multicore architecture. Incorporating the new and innovative C66x DSP core, this device can run at a core speed of up to 1.4 GHz.

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2023-02-01, Microchip unveiled a new all-in-one hybrid drive module designed for electric aviation applications

Microchip Technology announced the launch of a new integrated hybrid drive module, the first model in a new line of power devices. The line of products will come in 12 different models using silicon carbide (SiC) mosFETs or insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).