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2022-05-27, Samsung will set up a thousand-person self-developed chip team, with the goal of surpassing Apple's chips

In July, Samsung will set up a home-grown chip team of about 1,000 people to develop Exynos chips dedicated to the Galaxy S line, with the goal of commercializing the chipset and surpassing Apple Silicon by 2025.

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2022-05-27, Crystal controlled ramp generator

This project grew out of the need to generate a linear crystal controlled ramp signal for the HP 8620C RF Sweep Oscillator. It was inspired by a previously released ramp generator design. There are two problems with this design: it uses a non-standard 16.384MHz crystal oscillator; its ramp has zero fall/return/blank times.

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2022-05-27, STMicroelectronics ally with AWS, Azure to support IoT security products

ST’s Embedded Design Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure is the latest advancement in the semiconductor industry’s push to securely connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the cloud.

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2022-05-27, MEMS sensors add machine learning core, electrostatic sensing

MEMS sensors for mobile, smart industries, healthcare and retail have been revamped by combining two new features. Two new pressure sensors -- the LPS22DF and the waterproof LPS28DFW -- are part of the new generation of sensors that operate at 1.7 µA and have an absolute pressure accuracy of 0.5 hPa.

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2022-05-26, Efficient USB Power Delivery Solutions Now Available

Onsemi has announced three products for USB power delivery designs. The NCP1345 is a quasi-resonant flyback controller for high performance offline power and USB Type-C PD quick charging applications. The NCP1623 is a small Boost PFC controller rated up to 300W for USB PD quick charging adapters and computing power supplies. The NCP4307 is a high-performance driver designed for use with synchronous rectifier MOSFEts in a variety of high-performance switching mode power topologies.

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2022-05-26, Used in full-bridge gate drivers for automotive and industrial applications

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. offers two new full bridge door drivers for automotive and industrial applications. The A89505 and A89506 are excellent in automotive applications where both drives contain built-in current sensing capabilities, eliminating the need for external current sensing resistances and reducing the requirement for external components to a minimum of seven. Both can provide an absolute maximum supply voltage of 50V. Both devices have current limit detection flags that trigger when programmable current limits are reached

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2022-05-26, Packet switching supports fan out and multi-host connections

Diodes Incorporated introduced PCIe 3.0 packet switching ICs. The basic architecture of the device consists of two magnetic blocks, each with 8 ports and 16 channels, which enables it to support SERDES configuration options of 32 channels, ranging from two ports to 16 ports. Multiple DMA channels are embedded into the device to allow more efficient data communication between host/host and connected endpoints, advanced power management features allow significant power savings

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2022-05-26, Will global chip prices rise again? Industry insiders: Cars, computers may be more expensive

Global chip prices have risen 10-20 per cent in the past year and are likely to continue to rise by 5-7 per cent this year.

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2022-05-26, Extended range of full LED headlights without microcontroller

Infineon Technologies AG extends the LITIX Power line with the dual-channel, standalone DC-DC controller TLD6098-2ES. As a multi-topology controller, it supports boost, buck, SEPIC, and flyback topologies with wide input voltage ranges from 4.5V to 60V and even 24V battery system applications.

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2022-05-25, Three radio modules support Wi-Fi - 6, BLE 5.2 and IEEE 802.15.4

U-blox has released MAYA-W2 three radio modules. The module supports Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5.2, and IEEE 802.15.4 (Thread and Zigbee) in compact form. The module FutureProof applications with a set of advanced connectivity features. The dual-mode Bluetooth module supports Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE, including Bluetooth LE Audio, This professional level module can work in the -40C-85C range.

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2022-05-25, Low Voltage Buck Converter Design for High Power Density Vehicles

Diodes Incorporated has introduced automotive compatible diode AP61300Q and Diodes AP61302Q synchronous buck converters. These step-down converters include a 70mOhm high side power MOSFET and a 50mOhm low side power MOSFET. Together, they provide efficient step-down dc-dc converters, and the device can be configured for PFM or PWM operating mode (using enable pins).

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2022-05-25, The latest product design chain to supply chain selection is extensive

Mouser provides a number of solutions from Phoenix Contact. The Axioline P I/O system is CE, UL, EX, and Class A certified and hot-swappable for time saving and ease of use. The company's monitors and keyboards offer high-contrast capacitive touch displays and thin-film keyboards, providing user-friendly interfaces for operators and a broad portfolio of solutions for energy storage systems, including connectors, terminal blocks, contacts, and more.

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2022-05-25, Ultra-reliable IGBT extended switch family

Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG extends the high power Prime Switch range with a new laminated IGBT (PPI) with FWD inside ceramic disc housing. At 3000A without FWD, the blocking voltage is 4.5kV. With FWD, the blocking voltage is 2000A. PPI enclosures are sealed and specially developed to withstand system induced failures.

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2022-05-25, Small battery 3V high energy super capacitor

Onmi Pro Electronics has added Tecate Group's new 3V TPLH series of small cell supercapacitors to its extensive PORTFOLIO of TPL and TPLH 2.7V small cell supercapacitors. The new series provides a way to achieve higher voltages and higher energy densities within the same industry-standard battery footprint, thereby saving space and potentially reducing the number of cells required. This series of ultracapacitor batteries range from 4F to 100F. They are UL certified and meet RoHS and REACH standards.

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2022-05-24, New omnidirectional antenna with high performance in extreme weather

Fairview Microwave Inc. now offers a new line of 5G outdoors-rated omnidirectional antennas for the 4G, 5G, LTE and CBRS bands. Its new 5G omnidirectional antenna offers range expansion and simple deployment to build wireless lans, cellular communications networks and private networks. These collinear omnidirectional antennas provide n-type connectors and are ideal for SISO or MIMO operations

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2022-05-24, The disciplinary OCXO was postponed

IQD offers iqcm-200, a rigorous OCXO that includes 1PPS input and 1PPS output synchronization. The device is part of a series of disciplined OCXOs. This "best in class" retention stability of 1.5μs in 24 hours at 0-60C and typical retention stability of 25 μs in 10 days at 25±2C is achieved by an adaptive algorithm.