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2021-09-27, ROHM - Power supply ICs contributes to improved reliability and functionality

ROHM announces the buck DC-DC converter ICs with built-in MOSFET, BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ, that support high voltages and currents in factory automation equipment, including PLCs/inverters and 5G base stations that manage high power.

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2021-09-27, Alliance Memory - SDRAM offers reduction in power consumption extending battery life

Alliance Memory has expanded its high-speed CMOS mobile low-power SDRAMs with a new LPDDR4X device featuring on-chip ECC. Providing an extension to the company's fourth-generation LPDDR4 SDRAMs, the 8Gb AS4C256M32MD4V-062BAN offers -50% lower power ratings in the 200-ball FBGA package for higher power efficiency.

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2021-09-27, Analog Devices - Digital isolator enables seamless data transfer

Analog Devices has launched the first in a new series of iCoupler digital isolators that provide a total bandwidth of 10 Gigabits per second. The ADN4624 digital isolator offers four channels at 2.5Gbps, enabling data to transfer seamlessly in the electrical domain and allowing new system architectures in instrumentation, digital health and smart industry.

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2021-09-27, Renesas - Solution for automotive cameras enables high-definition video

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced its new Automotive HD Link (AHL) technology that facilitates automotive manufacturers to produce high-definition video over low-cost cables and connectors that currently support standard-definition video.

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2021-09-22, Infineon - First radiation-tolerant NOR Flash memory for space-grade FPGAs

Space-grade FPGAs need reliable, high-density non-volatile memories that include their boot configurations. To address the increasing demand for high-reliability memories, Infineon Technologies has announced the industry’s first high-density RadTol NOR Flash memory products qualified to MIL-PRF-38535’s QML-V flow (QML-V Equivalent).

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2021-09-22, Renesas - New SoCs offer 20% higher CPU speed for automotive systems

Renesas Electronics Corporation has added a new series to its R-Car SoCs with the R-Car Gen3e. Highlighting six new members, the new series of SoCs provides a scalable lineup for entry to mid-range automotive applications that need high-quality graphics rendering, including integrated cockpit domain controllers, IVI, digital instrument cluster, driver monitoring systems, and LED matrix light.

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2021-09-22, AVX - Aluminium electrolytic capacitors for industrial equipment and consumer electronics

AVX SMD Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, available now from Mouser, offer a 2.2µF to 6800µF capacitance range, ±20% capacitance tolerance, and -55C to +105/+125C temperature range.

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2021-09-22, Microchip - New Ethernet PHYs enhance networks scalability and functionality

Smart manufacturing is pushing efficiencies in automation as digital networks increasingly connect machines, production line equipment and robotics. OT and IT networks that are crucial to the IIoT rely on Ethernet for interoperability and to expedite data transmission and assure security.

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2021-09-22, Maxim - Hand-held camera cube reference design enables AI at the edge

Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAXREFDES178# camera cube reference design, demonstrating how AI applications previously restricted to machines with large power and cost budgets may be embedded in space-constrained, battery-powered edge devices. The design facilitates ultra-low-power IoT devices to implement hearing and vision and showcases the MAX78000 low-power microcontroller with neural network accelerator for audio and video inferences.

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2021-09-22, Microchip - New wireless charging reference design accelerates development of Qi transmitter

The WPC has released the Qi 1.3 specification that needs authentication for improved safety when transmitting up to 15W of power between a transmitter and a receiver.

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2021-06-30, Infineon - Highly flexible gate driver families with reinforced isolation

Infineon Technologies AG has extended its easy-to-design EiceDRIVER X3 Compact (1ED31xx) and the highly flexible EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced Analog (1ED34xx) and Digital (1ED38xx) gate driver families.

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2021-06-29, Renesas - First general-purpose MCU to obtain CMVP Level 3 certification

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced its 32-bit RX65N MCU has achieved CMVP Level 3 certification under the FIPS 140-2 security standard by the NIST. The device is claimed to be the world’s first general-purpose MCU to obtain level 3 certification.

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2021-06-28, Murata - Inductors with broadband impedance for in-vehicle PoC systems on SerDes interface

Murata is continuing to support ongoing engineering progression within the automotive sector with the launch of the LQW21FT_0H series. These are claimed to be the world’s smallest inductors with broadband impedance for in-vehicle PoC circuit of SerDes-based interfacing.

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2021-06-27, Melexis - Compact and low-voltage 3D magnetometer for consumer applications

Melexis targets white goods, consumer electronics, and smart-metering applications with the MLX90392 three-axis magnetic field sensor, which can run from a 1.8V power rail shared with other components such as logic devices.

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2021-06-26, Infineon - High-density SRAM simplifies on-system satellite image processing

Infineon Technologies has launched its next-generation 144Mb Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR-II+) SRAM that is certified to the DLA Qualified Manufacturers List Class V (QML-V).

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2021-06-25, Amphenol - Expanded automotive test capabilities with low loss SMA connectors

Amphenol RF announced the expansion of its SMA product series with 50-Ohm connectors optimised for low loss TFC-302LL cable. This lightweight, compact and vibration proof interface are available in bulkhead jack, straight jack, straight plug and right-angle plug configurations.

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2021-06-24, Infineon - Power switch family for applications in the 30W to 500W power range

Infineon Technologies AG has added the new CoolGaN IPS family of integrated power stage (IPS) products to its wide portfolio of WBG power devices. The initial IPS portfolio comprises half-bridge and single-channel products aimed at low-to-medium power applications, including chargers and adapters and SMPS.

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2021-06-23, TDK - New DC link capacitors provide exceptionally low ESL

TDK Corporation offers a new series of EPCOS power capacitors for DC link applications. The new capacitors are provided for rated voltages of 700VDC to 2000VDC and cover a capacitance range of 20µF to 270µF.