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Latest Technologies

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Technology Cover

2018-11-24, Texas Instruments - Quad local Interconnect network integrates wake up and protection features (TLIN1024-Q1)

Texas Instruments TLIN1024-Q1 Quad Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is a physical layer transceiver, which integrates wake up and protection features.

Technology Cover

2018-11-24, Microchip - Create secure connected applications in a single click

Microchip Technology has announced a new IoT rapid development board as part of an enlarged partnership with Google Cloud, allowing designers to prototype connected devices within minutes.

Technology Cover

2018-11-24, Omron Electronics - MOSFET relays suitable for a wide range of applications (G3VM-401VY)

Omron Electronics G3VM-401VY MOSFET Relays are a general purpose Solid-State Relays in a special SOP 4-pin package for a wide range of applications.

Technology Cover

2018-11-24, Amphenol RF - Design compact IOT devices with micro-miniature connectors

Amphenol RF offers the new small form factor AMC4 connector as part of an SMA cable assembly line. This assembly offers the popular SMA bulkhead jack connector and the newly created AMC4 plug connector on 1.13mm cable.

Technology Cover

2018-11-24, Renesas Electronics - Digital power modules offer high power density and efficiency

Renesas Electronics Corporation has a new family of encapsulated digital DC-DC PMBus power modules. The five RAA210xxx simple digital power modules provide advanced digital telemetry and performance and are as easy to use as the company’s analog power modules.

Technology Cover

2018-11-24, RECOM - Buck-boost regulator in DOSA footprint provides an extra-low profile

RECOM has launched its new RBB10 buck-boost converter with DOSA footprint and extra-low profile. These power modules can provide trimmed output voltages from a broad range of input voltages in applications such as USB voltage regenerators, 3.3V to 5V converters and battery regulators.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, TDK - Robust capacitors offer an increased rated voltage

TDK Corporation's new series of EPCOS MKP Y2 capacitors provide a permissible rated voltage of 350VAC. The capacitances of the B3203 series range from 4.7nF to 1.2µF. Even under severe environmental conditions, the capacitors provide a stable capacitance value.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, Analog Devices - Back-up power manager can support two supercapacitors (LTC4041)

The LTC4041 from Analog Devices uses an on-chip bi-directional synchronous converter to provide high-efficiency step-down supercapacitor charging.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, RECOM - Low profile DOSA converters offer excellent efficiency

RECOM’s latest innovation improves the power density of DOSA-packaged DC-DC converters to a new level. The RPM modules stand out due to their excellent efficiency of up to 99%, allowing a low-profile package ideal for applications where space is critical.

Technology Cover

2018-11-13, Panasonic - New capacitor series contributes to automotive safety and high reliability

The new AEC-Q200 qualified ECWFG series (Metallised Polypropylene Film Capacitors) from Panasonic Industry Europe has an operating temperature range of -40C to 110C; a rated voltage of 630VDC and a nominal capacitance range of 1µF to 4.7µF.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, Texas Instruments - RF-sampling ADC directly samples input frequencies from DC to over 10GHz (ADC12DL3200)

The ADC12DL3200, from Texas Instruments, is an RF-sampling, giga-sample, ADC that will directly sample input frequencies from DC to over 10GHz. In the dual-channel mode, the device can sample up to 3200MSPS and in single-channel mode up to 6400MSPS.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, Analog Devices - PCB offers extra features for easy system evaluation (DEMO-AD7124-DZ)

Analog Devices’ DEMO-AD7124-DZ Printed Circuit Board incorporates extra features for easy system evaluation. The RTD, thermocouple or pressure sensor can be joined via the eight-pin connector, J5.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, ROHM - New CMOS Op-Amp delivers leading-class low noise (LMR1802G-LB)

ROHM has added an op-amp that produces what is claimed to be the industry’s best performance against external noise optimised for consumer devices and industrial equipment.

Technology Cover

2018-10-21, Diodes Incorporated - Bidirectional buffer provides automatic connection and isolation for serial busses

Diodes Incorporated offers the PI6ULS5V9511A I2C/SMBus buffer which allows hot-swappable line-cards in ‘always-on’ networks, and is offered in a variety of packages.

Technology Cover

2018-10-11, RECOM - AC/DC modules for Industry 4.0, IoT and smart home applications

RECOM has increased its low power AC/DC portfolio with encapsulated 5W power supplies, which work up to +90C. They can take input voltage lines of up to 305VAC and give peak power capability up to 6W.

Technology Cover

2018-10-11, Texas Instruments – HDMI to FPD-Link III bridge serialiser supports video and audio data transmission control (DS90UH949A-Q1)

The Texas Instruments DS90UH949A-Q1 is a HDMI-to-FPD-Link III bridge device which, paired with the FPD-Link III DS90UH940A-Q1/DS90UH948A-Q1 deserialisers

Technology Cover

2018-10-11, Analog Devices - Demonstration board evaluates the performance of μModule regulator (DC2527A-B)

Analog Devices DC2527A-B Demonstration Board evaluates the performance of their LTM4646 dual 10A or single 20A high-efficiency, switch mode step-down power μModule Regulator.

Technology Cover

2018-10-09, Toshiba - Automotive ultra-low MOSFETs improve thermal performance

Toshiba Electronics Europe launched their TPWR7940PB and TPW1R104PB, 40V N-channel power MOSFETs using DSOP Advance (WF) packages with double-sided cooling capability.