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Latest Technologies of Diodes Incorporated

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2015-09-09, Diodes Inc. - Integrated single-channel current-limited high-side power switches (AP2X Series)

Diodes Inc.’s AP2X Series offers single-channel, current-limited, integrated high-side power switches optimized for Universal Serial Bus (USB) and other hot-swap applications such as LCD TVs / monitors, set-top boxes, residential gateways, laptops, desktops, servers, e-readers, docking stations and hubs.

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2015-09-07, Diodes Inc. - Miniature step-down DC-DC converter helps lengthen battery life in portables

Achieving typical efficiencies greater than 95%, the new miniature AP3403 step-down DC-DC converter from Diodes Incorporated helps lengthen the battery lifetime of smartphones and other low-voltage portable products. This converter is a synchronous PWM device that drives a load at up to 600mA, with high efficiency maintained through a configuration of external resistor, capacitor and inductor components.

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2015-08-25, Diode Inc. - Linear LED constant-current regulators need no external components (BCR42xUW6)

Diode Inc.’s BCR42xUW6 linear LED constant-current regulators integrate a transistor, diode and resistor to function as a constant-current regulator (CCR). The devices regulate with a preset 10mA nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 350mA. They are designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect.

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2015-08-10, Diodes Inc. - New 1.9W Class-D audio amplifier delivers high SPL and extends battery life (PAM8905)

Aimed at smartphones operating from a single-cell lithium-ion battery, the PAM8905 from Diodes Incorporated is a new 1.9W Class-D audio amplifier designed for audio systems that need to deliver a high sound pressure level (SPL) output from a low supply voltage.

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2015-06-15, Diodes Inc. - Compact dual low-dropout regulator features high accuracy and low quiescent current (AP7344)

The AP7344 from Diodes Incorporated is a new dual 300mA low-dropout (LDO) regulator that offers high 1% output accuracy and a low quiescent current of 50μA. The device features a small package to suit battery-powered consumer products such as cameras, smart phones and tablets.

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2015-05-27, Diodes Inc. – Low operating current shunt regulator reduces standby power dissipation (AP431i)

New from Diodes Incorporated, the AP431i adjustable shunt regulator features a 50μA minimum cathode current that is significantly lower than equivalent industry standard 431 devices.

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2015-05-27, Diodes Inc. – Single-channel load switch features 4.5V to 12V input and adjustable ramp rates (AP22850)

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a single-channel load switch designed to operate from 4.5V up to 12V with a near-zero quiescent supply current that makes it suitable for use in battery-powered netbooks, tablets and e-Readers.

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2015-05-20, Diodes Inc. - P-Channel MOSFET with integrated Schottky diode designed to minimize RDS(ON) (DMS2085LSD)

For applications such as DC-DC converters, power management circuitry and backlighting, Diodes Inc. introduces DMS2085LSD P-Channel MOSFET with integrated Schottky diode.

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2015-05-09, Diodes - High-performance constant-current buck controller for universal LED driver applications (AP1688)

Diodes’ AP1688 LED buck controller is a high-performance constant-current buck controller for universal LED driver applications such as LED tubes, Par38 retrofits and downlights.

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2015-04-14, Diodes - Highly-integrated 3W Class-D audio power amp for driving BTL stereo speakers (Diodes PAM8009 Series)

Diodes' highly-integrated PAM8009 Series 3W Class-D audio power amplifiers are for driving bridged-tied (BTL) stereo speakers.

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2015-03-31, Diodes Inc. – Single-channel comparator for low-voltage battery-powered equipment (AZV3001)

The new generation AZV3001 single-channel comparator, from Diodes Incorporated, has been specifically developed for use in battery-powered equipment that needs to operate at low voltage.